Frontend Interview Preparation Resources

FEBRUARY 27, 2023
This blog would be one stop for all resource links for frontend interview preparation I would also attach frontend masters course links which is paid for each topic which helped my preparation



Js Vault has questions related to Javascript polyfills like implementing your own Array functions like map, filter, forEach and Promises, bind method Paid Frontend expert covers all advanced questions related like implementing your own promise, promise.all and questions. I have attached image for questions would solve
notion image

Javascript Snippets

You would have encountered questions like how javascript snippets with setTimeout, console.log statements testing the event loop concepts I do recommend to learn Kyle Simpson “You don’t know JS” javascript book series. It strengthens your javascript core fundamentals. Kyle Simpson talk about prototypal Inheritance gives you a strong base how Javascript inheritance works.
Namaste Javascript series for brushing up the concepts before interviews
For tricky questions examples -
Watch this video for event loop
Do try executing snippets to understand event loop with some async tasks. priotitisation over settimeout and xhmlhttprequest. Understand microtask queue

Web performance


Web security

Covers all fundamentals of web security -

Data structures and Algorithms

covers all data structures in javascript and additionally solve leetcode easy and medium problems

Machine coding

Most assignment round one will be in the format of getting data from api performing modifications should be mobile responsive, code should be modular you may some time have restrictions only to use vanilla javascript.Would recommend small UI tasks reference from w3schools/howto
This will improve your UI building pace for component. you can follow you own approach you can refer W3schools for practiceI have faced questions like building modal , slider components
You can go through these interview questions - not mandatory sometimes it can help
Practice these challenges when you are free to gets hands on in machine coding. Learning common Layout patterns will help to solve problems quickly

System Design (Frontend)


Design Patterns



Frontend guides and platforms ( go through these questions before interview) (practice frontend problems in (Reference website for js content explained with examples) (reference for web content)
Haven’t explored yet - ( will post review soon)


Disclaimer- Don’t study new concepts in the prospective for interviews. Questions will be based on the things you have worked on.
Just to mention, if you have GitHub Student Developer pack - you can get the premium subscription for free 6 months on Frontend Master or if you are paid professional you can get frontend masters for $24 (I do recommend it as it would help you improve professionally)
Will keep updating resources to this post frequently.
Disclaimer- Don’t study new concepts in the prospective for interviews. Questions will be based on the things you have worked on.